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Eleventh Hour: Finding hope in grassroots climate action ahead of COP28

Paris promised, so Marrakech must deliver. Oh, maybe Bonn, or Katowice, or Madrid will deliver. Oops, let’s try this again. Paris promised, and Glasgow will deliver. Still, no? Okay, Sharm El-Sheikh will deliver. Okay, maybe this time we’ll get it right; Dubai must deliver. It seems like the world is stuck in an endless loop of setting promises without taking action. Eight years after 192 countries agreed to stop global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, the world is still far from making this a reality.

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Eleventh Hour: The state of play on key negotiation issues in the lead-up to COP28

In #EleventhHour this week, we summarized developments arising from the Bonn climate talks that will shape the state of play on key negotiation points in #COP28. We also invite readers to participate in #RewriteCOP, a collaborative project of Climate Reality Philippines and The Agam Agenda that aims to intervene in policy- and decision-making on climate solutions through poetry and art.

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