The arts have the potential to serve as a valuable source of knowledge for reimagining and creating paths toward climate action and sustainable development.

Arts and culture connect and bridge the gap between science and the realities of the climate crisis. By making it more accessible, the arts could showcase the similarities, diversity, and connectedness of the lived experiences of different communities.

Bringing arts and culture into climate discussions, The Climate Reality Project Philippines provides spaces for a broader range of people to tell their stories, participate in policy and decision-making, and drive world leaders to do what they have to do for a more sustainable future.

This is why we have forged a partnership with Agam Agenda, a dynamic, shape-shifting platform created by the Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities for creative, trans-disciplinary collaboration designed to grow and contribute to fluid networks of climate-aware writers, artists, scientists, youth, and campaigners.

Addressing the climate crisis requires interdisciplinary, cross-sectoral, and intergenerational collaboration.

Poets and other artists, especially from the youth sector, play a crucial role in opening up the conversation on the realities of climate change on the ground and the urgency of real systemic changes needed.

In line with this, Climate Reality branches in Africa, Canada, and the Philippines have joined forces to contribute to a growing global creative collaboration for climate action.

The partnership birthed Poets for Climate, a program that aims to harness the creativity of its network of Climate Reality Leaders and partners in communicating the stories of communities bearing the brunt of climate change impacts.

Poets for Climate supports When Is Now, a global poetry and art movement echoing the voices of the 58 vulnerable countries of the Climate Vulnerable Forum.

The world’s largest climate conferences need to be reimagined. As these negotiations make decisions that have real consequences on the most vulnerable to the climate crisis, we need to amplify those who are marginalized and excluded by these spaces. 

#RewriteCOP is a collaboration spurred by the Agam Agenda and Climate Reality Philippines  to invite everyone to intervene in policy- and decision-making on climate solutions, through storytelling, art, and creative expression.


Before launching Poets for Climate and RewriteCOP, we were already providing a space for our network of Climate Reality Leaders and partners to share visual, literary, performance pieces, and other inspiring creations through our regular #ClimArtivism feature on our official social media pages.

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