The Climate Reality
Leadership Corps

A Growing Global Community of Climate Activists...

The Climate Reality Leadership Corps is a global community of over 31,000 Climate Reality Leaders in over 160 countries working for a low-carbon, climate-resilient, and sustainable future. Trained by Vice President Al Gore, these climate advocates are armed with the knowledge and tools to communicate the urgency of the climate crisis, shape public opinion, and inspire action in their communities.

Celebrating 5 Years of 'Leading on Climate' in the Philippines

The Climate Reality Project Philippines is a hub for more than 1,200 Pinoy Climate Reality Leaders from various sectors and industries — from high school students, government officials, top business managers, to civil society leaders. Together, they form a dynamic group of game-changers who are shaping the conversation on climate everywhere and inspiring action in their communities.

Acts of Leadership

Acts of Leadership are activities undertaken by Climate Reality Leaders to spread awareness, promote solutions, and drive action, on climate change. These actions include giving a presentation, writing a blog, writing a letter to the editor, organizing a climate action campaign, or meeting with local leader.
Last year alone, Climate Reality Leaders all over the globe were able to log 56,000 Acts of Leadership—6,000 more than the 50,000 target. This year, The Climate Reality Project aims to record 60,000 Acts of Leadership.
While Acts of Leadership do not affect one’s status as a Climate Reality Leader, Pinoy Climate Reality Leaders are encouraged to fulfill their commitment towards solving the climate crisis for a low-carbon and climate-resilient Philippines.

The 12 Acts of Leadership

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