RE Energize PH

The best solution to the reliability, affordability, and security issues of the Philippine power sector is to transition to a distributed, flexible, renewable energy-based system.

For too long, we have been told renewable energy is expensive and unreliable. The reality is the opposite. Currently, our power sector relies on baseload coal technologies that cannot follow the load profile of the country. The result is brownouts and spiking electricity prices.

Through our RE Energize PH program, we are focused on increasing awareness among stakeholders of the relationship between fossil fuel dependence, high electricity rates, and intermittent power. Our aim is to help more people to understand that it is possible to use energy that does not kill our planet while enjoying lower electricity rates, cleaner air, and more jobs.

24 Hours of Reality: Murang Kuryente, Masiglang Pamayanan

In the past year, despite significantly lower electricity demand caused by the shutdown of industries, Filipinos experienced rotational brownouts and fluctuating electricity prices caused by the unreliable coal-fired power plants that continue to dominate the Philippine power market.

With renewable energy technologies becoming more and more cost-competitive than fossil fuels, clean energy transition in the Philippines is not just a climate solution but also an opportunity to modernize the economy, achieve energy self-sufficiency, provide cleaner air, create greener jobs, and deliver affordable power to the Filipino people.

Fortunately, several developments are expected to shape the country’s energy agenda. The Department of Energy has issued a moratorium on new coal-fired power plants, approved 100% foreign ownership for large-scale geothermal power plants, and started implementing its Green Energy Option Program. The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas has issued its Sustainable Finance Framework. Several energy players and financial institutions in the country have announced coal divestments and coal exit plans.

Thus, for the 24 Hours of Reality this 2021, The Climate Reality Project Philippines is launching the Murang Kuryente, Masiglang Pamayanan campaign to sustain the momentum.

REalTalk: A Communications and Movement Building Workshop on Renewable Energy

REalTalk is a series of training workshops focused on raising energy literacy and building a movement on just transition to renewable energy. It aims to enhance the knowledge and build the capacity of Climate Reality Leaders who will in turn engage entities and convey the truth on the benefits and opportunities of renewable energy in the Philippines.

Through this workshop, we are advocating for greater support and participation on renewable energy projects and programs from the business community and strengthened commitments from the national government on climate mitigation or greenhouse gas emissions reduction initiatives.