The climate promises we envision are rooted in justice and equity. 

We know that given the highly unequal impacts of climate change and the inadequacy of international climate policies, we must create clear, practical pathways that address the crisis.

In the climate policy arena, the economic and political clout of certain countries dominate negotiations.

As concerned advocates and global citizens, we need to create traction for climate policies designed for the realities of the most vulnerable through public support, awareness, and mobilization.

RewriteCOP is a campaign that widens the policy-making conversation on climate solutions through stories and art. It is a collaboration spurred by the Agam Agenda and Climate Reality Project Philippines to amplify those most marginalized in climate policy negotiations to have their voices heard at the world’s largest climate conferences.

Born from the groundwork of the Agam Agenda in COP27, we aim to gather the visions of a resilient future from those living on the frontlines of the climate crisis. Through creative inquiry, we encourage people to explore their relationship to the crisis, reflect on the developments arising from critical climate change conferences, and use their creativity to communicate their demands to policymakers and decision-makers.

This is your invitation to widen the policy-making conversation on climate through stories and art. Together, let’s create traction for climate policies designed for the realities of the most vulnerable.


The climate promise we envision will not be possible without directing finance to communities disproportionately affected by the crisis.

We cannot call for climate justice and equity without calling for an overhaul of the international financial system.

In line with our invitation to #RewriteCOP, we prepared an overview of the role of the World Bank Group in addressing critical issues of climate finance—one of the three main negotiation areas in #COP28.

There is no climate justice without a fit-for-climate financial system.

In the lead-up to COP28, we invited our followers to rewrite climate finance through erasure poetry.

In our starter kit, you’ll find the World Bank Evolution Roadmap. Pick a page you want to rewrite in line with our call for the World Bank to pave the way for a fit-for-climate global financial system.

Choose the words that resonate with the climate promise you envision. Using paint, images, markers, or any digital application, erase the rest to create a new version of the Evolution Roadmap.Submit your creations to


Delegates from more than 100 countries met in Bonn, Germany in June to prepare for the 2023 United Nations Climate Conference (COP 28) in Dubai later this year.

The Bonn climate talks aimed to prepare the ground for the upcoming COP, including the adoption of an official agenda that will be the basis for key decision points.

This year’s conference was held against the backdrop of the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s Sixth Assessment Report, underscoring once more the urgent need for enhanced and urgent climate action.

In line with our call to #RewriteCOP, we summarized developments arising from the Bonn climate talks that will shape the state of play on key negotiation points in COP28 this December.

The outcomes of the #SB58 talks show that addressing that the current economic system is tied to histories of injustice and ecological destruction. It is essential to continue to work together for a just future.  

In the lead-up to COP28, we call on advocates to craft a creative response (poem, painting, or other visual artwork) to the prompt, On the hills of East of France, and reflect on how histories have shaped our world.

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