Bawal Plastikan

What are your community's initiatives against single-use plastics?

As part of our Plastic-Free Reality program, we are launching the Bawal Plastikan initiative where we ask citizens across the Philippines about their city or municipality’s ordinances and programs against single-use plastics (or plastics in general).

Through this campaign, we aim to have a better picture of the efforts to curtail the plastic crisis at the local level, in the absence of a national law or policy on plastics. All crowdsourced stories, photos, videos, and data from citizens will be laid out into one interactive visual map, which will provide users information on the best practices and approaches that communities are doing against plastic pollution.

Bawal Plastikan—loosely translating to no pretending/ faking—supports the notion that the journey towards sustainable production and consumption and circular economy must be genuine and inclusive for all Filipinos


The Climate Reality Project Philippines will collect information on (1) local government ordinances; and (2) plastic programs, such as recycling or upcycling, consumer incentives (trash-to-cash), awareness-raising efforts, public consultations, and similar initiatives.

How can I participate?


Answer our survey below. We encourage you to upload photos, videos, and documents.




Message us through our social media accounts or email us.