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Climate Vulnerability Monitor: Climate change causes loss and damage, unequally impacts vulnerable nations and indiscriminately creates global crises

A flagship report entitled “Climate Vulnerability Monitor, 3rd edition: A Planet on Fire”, commissioned by the Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF) and the Vulnerable Twenty (V20) Group of Ministers of Finance of the CVF presented stark proof that climate change impacts generate loss and damage, globally creating crises for society, human health and development. Disclosing comprehensive new data on the impact of climate change, the report also highlighted the asymmetric consequences for society which deepen global inequalities with poorer and more vulnerable nations the hardest hit.

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GEOP improvements can answer corporate demand for 100% renewable energy

A new White Paper prepared by the Clean Energy Investment Accelerator or CEIA, an international initiative, shows that one payment scheme under the Green Energy Program (GEOP) offers a fixed discount from the monthly rate offered by the local distribution utilities, with the discounted rates potentially reaching 5 to 12 percent lower than the prevailing generation rate. It also underscores the slow uptake among energy consumers within the first 8 months of the GEOP’s implementation. Factors contributing to the lack of participation include limited awareness among potential buyers and inability for businesses who lease their facilities to engage directly with retail electricity suppliers.

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Ahead of World Car-Free Day, Baguio City counts people on bicycles

In advance of the celebration of World Car-Free Day, cycling advocates and the local government of Baguio City counted cyclists in seven areas in the city from September 17-19, 2022. They undertook this count to establish baseline data on the number of residents using bicycles for daily transport, to help local policymakers make informed decisions on transport route network planning.

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Science and arts merge for climate action in Eastern Visayas

Students, teachers, and officials of the Visayas State University (VSU) in Baybay City, Leyte, along with representatives from Eastern Visayas civil society and local governments, joined a two-day learning event held at the school last August 25-26, 2022. Their aim: build climate change resilience in the region through science and the arts.

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