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Eleventh Hour: A taste of regenerative living in the UK

Being in nature, reconnecting with the wisdom of the land, and eating healthy food fresh from the farm—what more can you ask for?
Pinoy Climate Reality Leader Ryan Bestre experienced these when he spent a month at the Stanford Hall Community-Supported Agriculture farm in the United Kingdom.
Ryan wrote about this eye-opening experience in our Manila Bulletin column Eleventh Hour this week, highlighting the need to redefine work and wealth and promote ethical consumption through community-supported agriculture and community living.

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Eleventh Hour: Amadeo Coffee farmers fighting a lesser-known enemy

In our Manila Bulletin column Eleventh Hour this week, Pinoy Climate Reality Leader Justin Paolo Interno wrote about how climate change has impacted Amadeo, Cavite—once the country’s top coffee producer.

Justin had the rare opportunity to get a grasp of the situation from the coffee farmers in Amadeo while working as a research assistant in the quaint town last year: The concept of climate change remains a buzzword for farmers, but they are trying to adapt to its varying circumstances. Had they been capacitated early on dealing with the impacts of climate change, they could have preserved the once glorious coffee industry in their town.

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