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[Watch the film] Now or Never: The Philippines

For this year’s #COP26, we supported U&I Global, a UK-based multimedia platform that educates, inspires and connects people to build a sustainable future, in making the film “Now of Never: Climate Change in the Philippines.”

The short film explores how climate change is experienced and tackled in the Philippines.

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What We Want from COP26: The Philippines

Although it only accounts for about 0.3% of global emissions, the Philippines is extremely vulnerable to the impacts of climate change and disasters due to its geographic location.
In line with this, we talked to our counterparts in The Climate Reality Project in the US to lay out what’s at stake for the country in the ongoing #COP26 in Glasgow.

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Flipping the Philippine climate curve: Can we halve our emissions in 9 years?

As a developing country that contributes only half a percent of global annual emissions but will be badly hit by climate impacts, how important is it for the Philippines to reduce its emissions and by how much? What reduction targets has the government set, and how does this align with the science? How do our current and projected emissions compare to these targets? And what will it take to get us on track?

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Climate Reality PH partners with East West Center to support youth-led climate solutions

From July to August 2021, the Youth Cluster of the Climate Reality Project Philippines, in partnership with East-West Center and Wavefarers, spearheaded and implemented “Project Niche: Claiming My Place in the Climate Space” with the goal of capacitating and inspiring budding climate advocates to become key players in local climate change action in their respective communities. It was opened to all budding young climate advocates who are currently taking their high school or college studies.

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Can Voting Halt Climate Crisis?

It began this way: Inside the comfort of your living room, you’re watching the television. You face the news with trepidation as you found out that fifty years from now, the planet you’re living in will not be the same as exactly it is today. Expect a world of melting ice caps, rising global temperatures, mass extinctions of species and coral reefs, starvation, and water scarcity.

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