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Cascades of Change

Grassroots movements have sprouted all over the world in an attempt to push for their respective advocacies. Many would say that this is the power of collective action. What we call the “bottom-up” approach consists of these tiny sparks of change at a local level that brings about ripples that eventually drive the decision-makers to flow with the waves. With grassroots actions, the people are empowered to actively advocate for change in government policies or projects.

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The “I” in Voting

The doers and sufferers have been familiar with the term “Climate Crisis” in recent years. But what is it really? It’s the maturity of humanity’s little baby called “climate change.” It’s so normalized that it’s commercialized by the corporate world, which is also the same world that contributes a huge chunk to this crisis. It’s so normalized that we don’t treat it as what it is – an emergency.

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Eleventh Hour: Hope and optimism through youth-led local climate solutions

In our Manila Bulletin column Eleventh Hour this week, Pinoy Climate Reality Leaders Keith Ancheta and Niña Catipon wrote about maintaining optimism in the face of the climate crisis.

They urge those who are losing hope in humanity to find inspiration in the climate actions and initiatives spewing from the determination of the youth to change things around and create a better reality for all.

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#RealiTalk: International Youth Day with Climate Reality PH Youth Coordinators

This year’s observance of International Youth Day aims to highlight the crucial role of the youth in transforming food systems for human and planetary health.
In line with this and for this month’s Realitalk, we reached out to our very own Youth Cluster Coordinators (Dani Madriaga, Keith Ancheta, Ivana Joaquin, Justin Federigan, Ruzzel Morales, and Bea Dolores) to talk about the current state of the country’s food systems and the many ways the youth are contributing to effectively address food insecurity amid the pandemic, rapidly declining ecosystems, and the prevailing climate emergency.

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Eleventh Hour: Letting the youth lead the fight for humanity

In this article for our Manila Bulletin column Eleventh Hour, Climate Reality Leader and Youth Coordinator Dani Madriaga reminded us how gravely our society has failed the youth.
In celebration of #InternationalYouthDay, she also discussed how that the youth, with a resolve that’s unshakeable even in times when hope is dim, are refusing to sit idly by and give up.

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