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Abante, Babae: Empowering women to take more leadership roles in the agriculture and food sector

As the climate crisis continues to adversely impact agriculture and food systems, women should take more space in making the sector more sustainable and climate-smart. This was emphasized by women leaders, movers, and advocates in the agriculture and food sector during the 25th episode of The Climate Reality Project Philippines’ Klimatotohanan webcast series entitled “Making Women Count: Why Gender Matters in Building Climate-Resilient Food Systems”, where they zeroed in on the interlinkages between gender, climate change, and sustainable food systems.

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Eleventh Hour: Gender-inclusive resilience building in the agriculture sector

In our Manila Bulletin column Eleventh Hour this week, Pinoy Climate Reality Leader Ysabel Anne Lee wrote about the urgent need for gender-inclusive resilience building in the agriculture sector amid the prevailing climate crisis.
Working as Communications Officer in Asia for the Alliance of Bioversity International and International Center for Tropical Agriculture, Ysabel had the chance to meet with women farmers across the country about their climate information needs.
Talking to them made Ysabel realize that the primary problem is not just the lack of climate information but also their lack of awareness of the critical role they play in agriculture and climate resilience.

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