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Eleventh Hour: The whys and hows of the plastic crisis

We must keep in mind that while recycling and upcycling are needed to manage existing plastic waste, the real solution is to stop the tap on the endless production of plastic. This was emphasized by Andrea Ong, Trisha Cruz, and Polly Javier of Climate’s Eight and Climate Reality Leader Dani Madriaga in our column Eleventh Hour this week.

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TEP marks 10th year of campaigning for e-waste awareness

Trailingdigitalfootprintsacrosstheweb, UPCircuit“sTEPs”uptocommemorateTheE-Waste Project’s (TEP) tenth anniversary of advocating environmental protection and electronic waste (e-waste) awareness with an online information campaign from April 8, 2022, to June 11, 2022.

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Eleventh Hour: Turning the wheels of the circular economy in the Philippines

In the discussion of the circular economy in the Philippines, where are we headed?

Pinoy Climate Reality Leader Carlo Delantar answers this question in our Manila Bulletin column Eleventh Hour this week.

In this article, Carlo noted that the conversation on the circular economy in the Philippines is growing in momentum, adding that Filipinos have long been observing circular practices despite being unaware of the textbook and definitive label. But there is more to do and much more to achieve in mainstreaming restorative and regenerative practices in our economic system.

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Joint Statement on the Climate and Environmental Justice Impacts of Plastics

The plastic crisis’s connection to the climate emergency and environmental justice impacts are undeniable. The cost of the continued dependence by corporations on single-use plastics and planned expansion of plastic production are too high to be ignored.

To ensure the safety of Filipinos and our environment from such impacts, the undersigned environmental, public health and civil society organizations are calling on consumer goods companies such as Nestle, Coca-Cola and Unilever and the plastic industry to urgently phase out single-use plastics packaging and adopt reuse systems.

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