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Eleventh Hour: Will climate change be an election issue?

In our Manila Bulletin column Eleventh Hour this week, Pinoy Climate Reality Leader Rachel Anne Herrera, a Commissioner in the Climate Change Commission, delved into why climate resilience is a critical election agenda.

As more and more aspirants for national and local elective positions are lodging their certificates of candidacy this week, Commissioner Rachel reminded the voting public of the need for more leaders who are knowledgeable or, at least, open to tackling climate and environmental issues, leaders who value science and insights from their constituents, and leaders who will prioritize funding for urgent climate change adaptation and mitigation measures.

In this election season, climate change should be on voters’ minds.

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Eleventh Hour: Reclaiming our future from the plastic waste crisis

In our Manila Bulletin column Eleventh Hour this week, youth Climate Reality Leaders Ari Tanglao and Janssen Clavelo shared with us how their group is reclaiming their future from the plastic waste crisis.

Ari and Janssen discussed the Youth Cluster’s partnership with Greenpeace on the anti-single-use plastic campaign called What’s SUP, as well as their plan to roll out The Plastic-Free Agenda with the Department of Education.

They also remind us of the importance of voting for leaders who understand that economic development and environmental protection are not mutually exclusive.

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Can Voting Halt Climate Crisis?

It began this way: Inside the comfort of your living room, you’re watching the television. You face the news with trepidation as you found out that fifty years from now, the planet you’re living in will not be the same as exactly it is today. Expect a world of melting ice caps, rising global temperatures, mass extinctions of species and coral reefs, starvation, and water scarcity.

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Cascades of Change

Grassroots movements have sprouted all over the world in an attempt to push for their respective advocacies. Many would say that this is the power of collective action. What we call the “bottom-up” approach consists of these tiny sparks of change at a local level that brings about ripples that eventually drive the decision-makers to flow with the waves. With grassroots actions, the people are empowered to actively advocate for change in government policies or projects.

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The “I” in Voting

The doers and sufferers have been familiar with the term “Climate Crisis” in recent years. But what is it really? It’s the maturity of humanity’s little baby called “climate change.” It’s so normalized that it’s commercialized by the corporate world, which is also the same world that contributes a huge chunk to this crisis. It’s so normalized that we don’t treat it as what it is – an emergency.

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