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Seasoned climate activists on the race to save the world: No time for despair

Time is running out to save the world from the catastrophic impacts of climate change but there is no time for despair. Climate and environmental actions must continue if we want to ensure a livable planet for the generations to come.

This was communicated during the 15th episode of The Climate Reality Project Philippines’ Klimatotohanan webcast series entitled “Power Relay: Race to a Better Reality” by climate activists fighting for a just and accelerated clean energy transition in one of the world’s biggest polluting countries.

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Emerging grassroots-led clean energy solutions to expand electricity access in underserved communities

Despite the enactment of the Renewable Energy Act in 2008, the Philippines has seen a slow uptake of renewable energy as the government faces the challenge of meeting the increasing energy demand from a growing population and economy.

However, over the past years, community-based and grassroots renewable energy-related initiatives have emerged across the country through the efforts of non-governmental organizations, start-ups, people’s organizations, and small and medium enterprises.

These initiatives took the center stage during the 14th episode of The Climate Reality Project Philippines’ Klimatotohanan webcast series entitled “Power to the People! Community-Led Renewable Energy Initiatives in the Philippines.”

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Eleventh Hour: Why Mindanao is key to the clean energy future of the Philippines

In this week’s article for our Manila Bulletin column Eleventh Hour, Climate Reality Leader Philline Donggay highlighted the opportunity to deprioritize building utility-scale power plants requiring large transmission towers and advance distributed and decentralized clean energy systems that will better cater to the small pockets of unelectrified communities in the Mindanao region.

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BDO, BPI, DOE call to bridge clean energy financing gap

Banco de Oro (BDO) Capital and Investment Corporation and the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) today called for the shift of financial flows towards the 1.5 degrees Celsius global warming threshold of the Paris Agreement in order to address climate and energy transition risks and increase resilience. They also stressed the critical need to address challenges in financing renewable energy projects, as raised by Department of Energy Undersecretary Felix William Fuentebella.

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