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Seasoned climate activists on the race to save the world: No time for despair

Time is running out to save the world from the catastrophic impacts of climate change but there is no time for despair. Climate and environmental actions must continue if we want to ensure a livable planet for the generations to come.

This was communicated during the 15th episode of The Climate Reality Project Philippines’ Klimatotohanan webcast series entitled “Power Relay: Race to a Better Reality” by climate activists fighting for a just and accelerated clean energy transition in one of the world’s biggest polluting countries.

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Eleventh Hour: Letting the youth lead the fight for humanity

In this article for our Manila Bulletin column Eleventh Hour, Climate Reality Leader and Youth Coordinator Dani Madriaga reminded us how gravely our society has failed the youth.
In celebration of #InternationalYouthDay, she also discussed how that the youth, with a resolve that’s unshakeable even in times when hope is dim, are refusing to sit idly by and give up.

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Eleventh Hour: A new space for climate conversations has emerged

The Climate Reality Project Philippines and the MANILA BULLETIN Environment Section are proud to launch a new weekly column that will serve as a new space for honest and timely climate conversations. We call this the Eleventh Hour to remind our readers that our actions to address climate change and environmental degradation must be bolder and faster moving forward.

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