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Sustainable living, systemic changes in production systems key to addressing planetary crisis

Pursuing more sustainable lifestyles and shifting to low-carbon and sustainable production systems will address the triple planetary crisis (climate change, biodiversity loss, and pollution) confronting humanity today. This was emphasized during the second episode of the youth-led webcast Stories for a Better Reality entitled “Tayo at ang Natatanging Mundo: Sustainable Actions For The Planet.”

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Eleventh Hour: A taste of regenerative living in the UK

Being in nature, reconnecting with the wisdom of the land, and eating healthy food fresh from the farm—what more can you ask for?
Pinoy Climate Reality Leader Ryan Bestre experienced these when he spent a month at the Stanford Hall Community-Supported Agriculture farm in the United Kingdom.
Ryan wrote about this eye-opening experience in our Manila Bulletin column Eleventh Hour this week, highlighting the need to redefine work and wealth and promote ethical consumption through community-supported agriculture and community living.

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Eleventh Hour: Food Today, Food Tomorrow, Makisawsaw, and climate action

Food Today, Food Tomorrow (FTFT) began as a food relief initiative in the early days of extreme enhanced community quarantine.

In our column Eleventh Hour this week, Pinoy Climate Reality Leader Karla Rey wrote how FTFT grew into a movement that does not only provide food relief but also addresses food insecurity in urban communities through community-based micro food gardens.

She also talked about how plant-based cookbook Makisawsaw Recipes x Ideas: The Community Gardens Edition is supporting FTFT and advocating for community-shared, organic, and in-season agriculture that restores and cares for the environments and helps address the climate crisis in many ways.

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Flipping the Philippine climate curve: Can we halve our emissions in 9 years?

As a developing country that contributes only half a percent of global annual emissions but will be badly hit by climate impacts, how important is it for the Philippines to reduce its emissions and by how much? What reduction targets has the government set, and how does this align with the science? How do our current and projected emissions compare to these targets? And what will it take to get us on track?

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