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Open call for creative expression for climate action: When Is Now?

Calling established and emerging poets, seasoned or aspiring climate advocates, or anyone willing to write about time, the planet, and diverse forms of life!

Join When Is Now?—an open, evolving call for creative expression to demand urgent climate action! It is an open collaboration that seeks to create interweaving lines of poetry into a web that stretches across the planet, asking “When?” and demanding “Now.”

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Eleventh Hour: A tapestry of species for biodiversity protection

In this week’s article for our Manila Bulletin column Eleventh Hour, Climate Reality Leader Erika Teng Gui put the spotlight on withNature2020, a campaign that harnesses the power of the arts and collaboration to spread the word that human activities are driving other species to extinction and to engage more people to fight for biodiversity protection and conservation.

Reminding us that biodiversity is the “very fuel that sustains ecosystems which, in turn, sustain us,” Erika discussed the urgent need to address biodiversity loss and climate change in an integrative manner.

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