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#RealiTalk: International Youth Day with Climate Reality PH Youth Coordinators

This year’s observance of International Youth Day aims to highlight the crucial role of the youth in transforming food systems for human and planetary health.
In line with this and for this month’s Realitalk, we reached out to our very own Youth Cluster Coordinators (Dani Madriaga, Keith Ancheta, Ivana Joaquin, Justin Federigan, Ruzzel Morales, and Bea Dolores) to talk about the current state of the country’s food systems and the many ways the youth are contributing to effectively address food insecurity amid the pandemic, rapidly declining ecosystems, and the prevailing climate emergency.

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#RealiTalk: National Disaster Resilience Month with Ferth Manaysay

In this month’s #Realitalk, we asked Climate Reality Leader Ferth Manaysay to talk about the nexus between climate change and disaster risk, progress and gaps on institutionalizing climate change adaptation (CCA) and disaster risk reduction (DRR), and the crucial role of open data and the youth in building resilience.

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#RealiTalk: Pride Month with Amiel Lopez

This year’s Pride Month is celebrated yet again against the backdrop of the worsening climate crisis.

Thus, in this month’s #Realitalk feature, we wish to bring forward real stories of how the impacts of climate change compounds the struggles of sexual and gender minorities in the country.

Thankfully, Climate Reality Leader Amiel Lopez graciously accepted our invitation to share his lived experiences, insights, and truths as a proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community and as a climate advocate.

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#RealiTalk: Month of the Ocean with Paula Bernasor

We reached out to Climate Reality Leader Christine Paula Love Bernasor, a passionate advocate of community empowerment, sustainability, and marine protection, to talk about the role of healthy oceans in sustainable development, the need to empower coastal communities to adapt to the impacts of climate change, and the urgency of addressing ocean plastic pollution.

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#RealiTalk: Month of the Planet with Chuck Baclagon

To cap off our month-long celebration of the Month of the Planet, we spoke with Climate Reality Leader Chuck Baclagon about the opportunity to stage a green, inclusive, and resilient recovery in the pandemic and the crucial work he does to dismantle the influence and infrastructure of the fossil fuel industry to ensure a sustainable future for the planet.

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