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Advocates: Ocean is an important ally in the fight against climate change

The ocean is humankind’s biggest ally in its combat against climate change. This was emphasized by marine conservation advocates during the 29th episode of The Climate Reality Project Philippines’ Klimatotohanan webcast series entitled “Be the Change You Want to Sea: Pinoy Climate Reality Leaders Making Waves for Marine Conservation.”

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TEP marks 10th year of campaigning for e-waste awareness

Trailingdigitalfootprintsacrosstheweb, UPCircuit“sTEPs”uptocommemorateTheE-Waste Project’s (TEP) tenth anniversary of advocating environmental protection and electronic waste (e-waste) awareness with an online information campaign from April 8, 2022, to June 11, 2022.

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Eleventh Hour: Linking climate data and stories to amplify the voice of at-risk communities

Our Manila Bulletin column ‘Eleventh Hour’ this week puts the spotlight on DanTAOn (, an online platform that aims to humanize the impacts of disasters and move people and nations to action. The platform seeks to present—through essays, photos, videos, and other formats—the narratives of people directly affected by climate change, and to visualize climate impacts using geographic information system (GIS) maps of sea-level rise projections from Climate Central.

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Eleventh Hour: How social media culture of consumerism is fueling the climate crisis

In our Manila Bulletin column Eleventh Hour this week, Pinoy Climate Reality Leader Danna Peña delved into how social media’s material-centric culture of consumerism is worsening plastic pollution and contributing to global warming. To stop feeding the current culture of overconsumption, Danna said there must be more green jobs, more sustainable policies, and a more even distribution of wealth.

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