Responses to On the hills of East of France


by Haru Toki

Where time weaves its tapestry, both new and old,
Amidst the whispers of past and present embrace,
I ponder the histories that shaped our world’s space.

In the echoes of industry, machines they doth churn,
Pulling and throwing my people, their spirits adjourned,
Burning black, melting grey, but what does it avail?

Vertigo ensnares us, like a tempestuous gale.
Yet, on those ancient hills, where solace abounds,
I stood and shouted, my voice lost in silent grounds,
“When will you awaken from your rational plight?

When will love be freed from the depths of your night?”
For my cousins, they beckon, urging us to dance,
But in their slumber, they miss the enchanting chance,
To truly behold with compassionate gaze,
To unravel the mysteries of love’s hidden maze.

Oh, how I yearn for a world more serene,
Where empathy’s tendrils intertwine, unforeseen,
Where the melody of understanding is not taboo,
And compassion blossoms in all that we do.

On my homeward journey, cowbells chimed long,
Their melodic tones a poignant, solemn song,
As I passed by, with an open heart’s decree,
Their globular eyes beheld a different me.

Was it distortion they saw, a shape rearranged?
Nay, ’twas multiplicity, perspectives unchained,
For I am still learning, evolving with grace,
And in awakened presence, I find my true place.

So, I implore you, dear ones, to halt the machine,
To pause and reflect, in this bustling routine,
For within the stillness, enlightenment thrives,
And the essence of life’s beauty finally arrives.

Let us cast away slumber, embrace the profound,
In unity and empathy, let our souls resound,
Together we’ll sculpt a world replete with delight,
Where love’s liberation shines eternally bright.

On the Hills of East France, where histories reside,
May we weave a new narrative, side by side,
And in the dance of compassion, let us partake,
For it’s through love’s awakening, our world shall awake.

This poem is a response to RewriteCOP’s call for creative responses to Nicolas Hercelin’s On the hills East of France.

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