Climate Reality and AktivAsia in the Philippines train campaigners to engage entities to switch to RE through GEOP

Puerto Princesa City—Energy campaigners recognized the potential of the Green Energy Option Program (GEOP) as a means for companies and workplaces to generate savings from power costs, while reducing carbon emissions.

The Climate Reality Project Philippines (Climate Reality Philippines), in partnership with AktivAsia Philippines, capped off the Luzon Leg of “REalTalk: A Movement Building Workshop on Renewable Energy,” producing 29 campaigners set to engage public and private schools, offices, companies, and other entities to switch to renewable energy through GEOP.


Climate Reality Leaders and energy advocates underwent campaign and leadership training to increase GEOP participation in the country, on 19-20 May 2023 at Rema Tourist Inn, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan.

The GEOP program, created by the Renewable Energy Act, allows eligible users to switch from being a captive market of distribution utilities and electric cooperatives to source power directly from renewable energy suppliers. 

Fossil fuels dominate the domestic power generation mix at 77.6% which according to the Philippine Climate Tracker 2020 contributes largely to the 50% increase in the country’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions over the last decade. The government now aims to increase the share of renewables in the mix to 35% by 2030 and to 50% by 2040. 

Through the REalTalk workshop, Climate Reality Philippines builds the knowledge and capacity of advocates who shall engage and influence potential switchers to consider sourcing power from renewables through GEOP. 

“We are bringing focus to the Green Energy Option Program, which provides businesses and local entities the option to choose renewables as their only source of energy and which helps advance our climate and sustainability goals,” said Nazrin Camille Castro, Branch Manager of Climate Reality Philippines.

GEOP fosters competitiveness and sustainability for private and local entities

The REalTalk workshop cultivated different campaign plans anchored on addressing high electricity prices and promoting sustainability within offices and workplaces. Christian Soqueño, Program Lead of RE Energize PH Program, noted that potential switchers can enter into different agreements with renewable energy suppliers to access cheaper and more reliable power sources.
In one of the exercises, the groups identified high electricity prices as the most immediate, specific, strategic, and winnable issue for potential switchers of GEOP.

Participants remarked on the value of GEOP in offering competitive and sustainable operations to their identified entities—generating savings that can be used to improve employee welfare, infrastructure, and to fund other sustainable projects and commitments.

Influencing private entities to do the switch

Mapping out key stakeholders, developing strategies and tactics, and other campaign elements and tools were conducted through various group exercises during the workshop. 

“Campaigning is the art of changing what is possible. We campaign because there is something wrong and unacceptable in our society, and that there is a better reality for all of us,” explained Francis Dela Cruz, Country Lead of AktivAsia Philippines.

Dela Cruz also prompted the participants to carefully distinguish allies and adversaries, as well as their values and motivations, to assess who can help or disrupt their campaign plans.

Participants roleplayed scenarios of engaging key stakeholders to support their campaigns to switch to GEOP. They highlighted the value of GEOP to save on power costs and achieve sustainability goals as positive motivational factors.

REalTalk is a training workshop designed to build the knowledge and capacity of advocates to convey the truth on renewable energy, with special focus on the GEOP. The regional workshops focus on campaign and leadership training and are conducted in partnership with AktivAsia Philippines.

The Visayas and Mindanao legs of REalTalk are slated for July and September, respectively this year.