Climate Reality PH launches REalTalk, a movement-building training program on just RE transition

Quezon City—The Climate Reality Project Philippines has launched an energy literacy and movement-building training program called “REalTalk,” which aims to enhance the knowledge and capacity of renewable energy advocates to influence entities and convey the truth on the benefits and opportunities of renewable energy in the Philippines.

REalTalk is part of Climate Reality Philippines’ “RE Energize PH” initiative, which is supported by the Tara Climate Foundation. The program is organized in partnership with AktivAsia, a non-profit organization composed of educators and facilitators who support organizers and activists in Asia win energy campaigns.

“REalTalk will bring in energy experts and seasoned campaigners to mentor Climate Reality Leaders and advocates. The program is designed to bring out the truth and devise strategies to better communicate and influence decision-makers in the public and private spheres to support the transition to renewable energy,” said Nazrin Castro, the Branch Manager of Climate Reality Philippines.

REalTalk advocates for a just energy transition in the Philippines where fossil fuels continue to dominate the power mix and whose electricity rates are among the highest in the region. It seeks to engage private entities to participate in the Green Energy Option Program (GEOP), which provides the option to choose renewables as their only source of energy, and muster greater support on climate mitigation or greenhouse gas emissions reduction initiatives all over the country.

“The private sector has the capital to finance the transition towards renewable energy. Major banks and companies in the country have already started divesting from coal and are mobilizing investments on renewables, but there remains tremendous potential in our regions waiting to be unlocked,” Castro explained.

REalTalk is a hybrid training program, with online sessions commencing on June 24 until July 1 and in-person training in Metro Manila, Iloilo, and Davao on July 8 onwards. Registration is ongoing for interested Filipino participants: Registration closes on June 20.