Hisgutanang Klima sa Mindanao: From small to bolder climate actions

By Marisol Tuso


Climate action, no matter how small, can make a huge difference to the environment. This is the lesson learned by our fellow Climate Reality Leaders in the SOCCSKSARGEN and Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM). 

Small steps may seem insignificant compared to the billion tons of greenhouse  gases we emit into the atmosphere every year. But if many of us will cast a stone across waters—meaning we all do our part to live more sustainably and demand accountability from government and private sector leaders—we can create ripples and make meaningful impacts in the long run. From changing our daily habits–the way we eat, we travel, consume energy, use plastics,  and more; to taking bolder actions by joining protests and participating in policymaking, one can help limit the impacts of  climate change.

Taking bolder climate action

Our Climate Reality Leaders in SOCCSKSARGEN and BARMM are all working towards advancing climate change adaptation and mitigation in their respective communities.

Some have volunteered for movements and organizations such as Bayang Walang Basura Project, Youth Advocates for Climate Action Philippines (YACAP), YES for the OCEANS. Others are working on the protection of migratory birds, ecotourism management planning, water supply and wastewater management, urban gardening, heritage conversation, and cleanup drives.

In SOCCSKSARGEN, Climate Reality Leaders are focused on campaigns focused on climate justice and sustainable development goals.

Ramon Christopher Manero of Polomolok, South Cotabato has been facilitating a training workshop on climate change impacts. He also volunteered  under Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI)  and Island Innovation Ambassadorship Program. He also serves as a Coordinator for the Water Sufficiency  and Climate-Smart Industries and Services Clusters of the Climate Reality Philippines.

Also coming from Polomolok, Climate Reality Leader Lelanie Togonon has been actively participating in climate initiatives and events. She has been sharing  social media posts from the Climate Reality Philippines Facebook Page and from other sources to help in amplifying climate change awareness.

During the Regional Hangout last April 18, Ramon and Lanie discussed how they can collaborate to push for climate change awareness and action in South Cotabato. 

On the other hand, Hajar Kabalu of Marawi City has recently participated in a clean-up drive during World Water Day. He is also active in climate preservation and conservation, and  youth initiatives.  He is also consciously campaigning against single-use plastics by promoting the use of sustainable products, such as bamboo or metal straws, bringing water tumblers instead of buying single-use bottles of mineral water, and more.

Facing the challenges

As an advocate, Haj shared that pushing for climate action in our communities remains a challenge. There is still a need to amplify awareness campaigns because some have not yet seen the urgency of climate impacts.

In Cotabato, Ramon finds these as challenges in advancing climate action— restrictions due to pandemic and  limited resources, such as manpower, for the campaigning and other activities.

Climate issues

Addressing pressing climate change issues in our communities requires collaboration among the government, the academe, non-government organizations, and the private sector.

There is a need for systemic changes and actions that should be facilitated and led by the government. Local government units, in particular, should integrate climate change adaptation and mitigation in local development planning, implement environmental protection programs and projects, and enforce climate change laws and regulations.

Looking at the pressing  issues  in SOCCSKSARGEN and BARMM, we need to address poor solid waste management, water insufficiency,  plastic pollution, illegal logging, unsustainable farming, and kaingin activities.

Rising sea levels, strong winds, and heavy rains resulting in flooding and landslides have been observed in the regions as well.  Thus, there is a need to build community resilience by integrating actions to reduce and eliminate climate risks and vulnerabilities in local development planning. There is a need, among others, to build climate-resilient infrastructure. There is also a need to consider the  interconnectedness of environmental problems with the economic, political, and cultural  well-being of the  community.

Our #MindanaoLeaders

About 33 of the  148 Climate Reality Leaders in Mindanao are coming from SOCCSKSARGEN. At least 10 of them are from BARMM.

Most of the Acts of Leadership from the Climate Reality Leaders in the regions are volunteering for environmental organizations, participating in climate change-related events, sharing climate change-related content on social media, performing  direct public outreach, creating resource materials about the climate crisis, and meeting or contacting an influencer to raise awareness of the climate crisis.

Our leaders are committed to #LeadOnClimate. You can start with simple steps too. Start from your home by changing  your habits and finding a group with climate action initiatives in your locality. These small steps will eventually snowball into bigger and more impactful climate actions.



Marisol is the Mindanao Coordinator of The Climate Reality Project Philippines. She has been working in the development sector for 16 years. She is a specialist in training, institution and community development, information, education, and communication (IEC), and gender and social inclusion. Aside from being a broadcast journalist since 1997,  she also served as the Project Coordinator of the Global Fund for Malaria Component Project for 10 years and as Training and IEC Specialist of the Philippine Cold Chain Project. 


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