Ang Kalusunan: Chronicling climate actions in the North

By Aimee Oliveros


January 31, 2022

The North is my home.


Growing up in Baguio, I always found solace up in the mountains – the strength in the trees forming into communities, the connection between the earth and the sky, and the peace knowing that it will always be there, waiting to welcome me back home.

But the mountains are changing because of deforestation and mining; we are losing our trees because of illegal logging and trade; and industrial activities are causing more disconnection than connection to our physical world. The climate is changing and it is real. The peace that I have known is slowly turning into fear; but with fear comes hope; and with hope comes action.

Kalusunan means the “northern part,” a term used to define Luzon being the geographical north of the Philippines. From the mountains of the Cordilleras, the history of the Ilocandias, the bounty in Cagayan Valley, the rich resources of Central Luzon, the heritage and culture in CALABARZON, to the pristine beaches in MIMAROPA, the adventures in Bicol, and the opportunities in Metro Manila. 

More than just a direction, Kalusunan also means a destination, a purpose, a guide—which is what this column will be about.

Luzon is home to more than 1,200 Climate Reality Leaders, including myself, from diverse capabilities and communities, all fueled with a passion for service and action. Each one of us has stories to share—about our hometown, about our fight against the climate crisis, and how we are paving a #BetterReality for all.

Every month, you’ll get to read climate stories and adventures from Luzon—the highs and the lows. Moreover, you’ll learn some very practical and easy-to-use tips towards climate action from our #LuzonLeaders—the dos and don’ts.

Join us monthly as we build connections, capabilities, and communities towards climate action from our home, our North—Luzon.



Aimee is the Luzon Coordinator of The Climate Reality Project Philippines. She is a human resources professional with over 10 years of corporate work experience in different local and multinational industries. With her experience in organizational development, training and employee engagement, Aimee is deeply passionate about promoting learning and wellbeing. She is a Climate Reality Leader having joined the 2020 Global training which solidified her inner passion for community work and service. Being an advocate for the environment, she co-founded RE-Store MNL, a small shop promoting refill and reuse in Paranaque City. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Sciences at the University of the Philippines Baguio.


Ang Kalusunan or the “Northern Part” is a space that aims to amplify the climate stories and initiatives of the more than 1,200 Pinoy Climate Reality Leaders in Luzon.

It is one of the monthly columns launched by The Climate Reality Project Philippines to elevate the climate discourse and strengthen climate action across all regions in the Philippines.