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We are afraid

by Rodino Encarnacion

We are afraid
Of what the future brings
Turn back our eyes to leaves of history
And yet, we shun them, as though a deadly disease
Like lesions in the skin that’re full of gangrene

Reduce, reuse, recycle, all sound too familiar
Yet, we continue with reckless abandon
And who does it benefit? You should know by now
The people we aspire: all those in power
You deny such thought? In truth it is
Haven’t we been tempted by glittering money
Golden, silver, fibered money
All forms and shapes, even faux jewelry
While we all bask in pretentious revelry
Fantastic grandeur of high-rise buildings
Chandeliers, carpets, even our own energy
Which lubricants generate and power daily
From rotten matter, these lubricants came
Diesel, gas, even kerosene
Yet, we continue with reckless abandon
Yet, we care less and haven’t considered

Look around, open your concealed eyes
To the reality that climate is passing by
Torrential rains, without the sun’s glimmer
As floods sweep streets like tumultuous rivers
With trashes we’ve thrown to open waters
Now it spits to us undeniable truth
Masks, plastics are creatures of the seas
Sacks of waste are our coral reefs
Smokes from industries become our oxygen
While its dusts serve as flowers’ pollen
Yet, we close our eyes to the harsh truth
We never learn from incessant truth
Because it wounds and brings us to danger
A peril unheard, which has always lingered

Haven’t you heard? The Mother calls
The Maternal Nature, she cries to us all
We press our hands to our hearing ears
And muffle the sounds of many years

Centuries she’d torn her heart to tears
Not a word we heard, despite our fears
And yet our prides, run so, so high
Yet all these truths we all deny

How dare we strut to asphalt roads
With trees torn down in heavy loads
As mountains crash in gigantic boulders
While Nature takes it in her weary shoulders
We value presence, façade imagery
Deluding masses with our own mockery
It is time to step, lest we all fall prey
To horrendous waters that we cannot say

Planting trees is a start, yet we shan’t see them grow
At best, let them blossom even if they’re low
At best, they shall stand and protect us all
And counteract this cancerous pall
Dumpsites must have steel incinerators
Stored underground so that its smokes are muffled
And blocked out from the sky’s cerulean hue
Away from the sights of the ocean blue

Why not make trash bins made of plastic?
That way, we solve a minute problem of society
Create bins from plastic and reinforced steel
And instill the value of throwing garbage in our bins
Organic matter must be soiled to be used as fertilizer
And from there plant seeds that shall make veggies grow
Even trees that were planted in decades ago
There, they shall stand as they go taller

Reinforce renewable sources that the Mother’s gave us
Solar and geothermal shall mingle as one
Why not focus on these sources, aside from wind and water
Instead of relying on nuclear and diesel power

As much as we like to deny, the truth inside
It is evident, we do not heed the call of Earth
Thereby we exist with nothing of worth
Your grandiosity’s a mirage, a farce, a fallacy
Yet you all deny this, this is reality
You in power are afraid, and we all should be.

This poem is a response to RewriteCOP’s call for creative responses to Nicolas Hercelin’s On the hills East of France.

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RewriteCOP > What is the state of play on key COP28 issues? > We are afraid by Rodino Encarnacion