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From ashes to blossoms

by Jose Segura Jr.

Amidst a realm adorned with gears and wires profound,
Where AI and machines have firmly made their ground,
Permit me to intertwine a tale, through poetic voice,
Of a child’s destiny, ensnared by climate change, no choice.

In a distant era, a child of untainted essence,
Whose dreams bloomed like petals, resilient and confident,
Yet as the world spun, so did the ebbs and flows,
And the repercussions of climate change started to impose.

The gentle breezes turned fierce and wild,
As storms roared in fury, nature defiled,
His innocent playground, once filled with joy,
Now tainted by floods that hope did destroy.

Robotic companions tried to lend their aid,
With algorithms and sensors, a crusade,
Alas, their efforts fell short to quell the surging sea,
Leaving the child pondering, “What fate awaits me?”

Heatwaves danced upon the Earth’s weary face,
As ice caps melted, leaving no trace,
Birdsong silenced, as forests fell prey,
To the flames of destruction, no longer at bay.

Yet amidst the chaos, a flicker of light,
A glimmer of hope, radiating so bright,
The child, with eyes full of awe and delight,
Resolved to mend and ascend, reaching new heights.

Through art and science, the child led the way,
Inspiring generations, turning night into day,
A world of eco-friendly wonders, they’d create,
Where AI and machines, together, would relate.

Let us hold dear this tale of the child so brave,
The strength of resilience that shall triumph and save,
For in the midst of climate change’s arduous test,
Hope blossoms anew, transforming lives, truly blessed.

This poem is a response to RewriteCOP’s call for creative responses to Nicolas Hercelin’s On the hills East of France.

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RewriteCOP > What is the state of play on key COP28 issues? > From ashes to blossoms by Jose Segura Jr.