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New IPCC report reaffirms stark reality of global warming

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Sixth Assessment Working Group 1 Report has confirmed that limiting global warming at 1.5C—the far safer limit for vulnerable developing countries to survive and thrive in this era of climate change—is slipping beyond reach without “immediate, rapid and large-scale reductions” in emissions.

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What’s SUP: Young Climate Reality Leaders’ Crusade Against Plastic

It started out as all things do—with the dipping of our toes in the proverbial waters. Only this time, we found our toes in waters filled with plastic. Plastic has truly found its way into every aspect of our lives—in the clothes we wear, the products on our skin, in our canals and streets, and in the food we eat. It is not only the most tangible element of environmental degradation, but also the most ubiquitous as well. My generation grew up with it and the throwaway culture surrounding it: the straws and cups that only lasted one meal, the needless layers of plastic in packaging… and we thought: enough. Actually, too much

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#RealiTalk: National Disaster Resilience Month with Ferth Manaysay

In this month’s #Realitalk, we asked Climate Reality Leader Ferth Manaysay to talk about the nexus between climate change and disaster risk, progress and gaps on institutionalizing climate change adaptation (CCA) and disaster risk reduction (DRR), and the crucial role of open data and the youth in building resilience.

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