Key Initiatives

The Climate Reality Project Philippines works collaboratively and strategically with the government, civil society, and the private business sector to advance climate action in the country. Together with our roster of Climate Reality Leaders, we pursue convergence and partnerships with individuals and organizations that share our vision of a low-carbon and climate-resilient Philippines.

Nationally Determined Contribution

The branch creates opportunities for Climate Reality Leaders to provide inputs to the NDC Implementation Plan, specifically on sectoral policies and measures that could help the country achieve its mitigation goal. It shall also develop information, education, and communication materials for Climate Reality Leaders to cascade awareness of the NDC implementation to their communities and localities.

Energy Transition Research

The branch works with the academe on the development of a comprehensive study on energy transition with clear information on opportunities and options to access cheaper, reliable, and domestically sourced energy in coordination with key Climate Reality Leaders and local government units in Visayas and Mindanao.

Youth Outreach

The branch engages the youth in advancing the country’s climate agenda and working with them in developing a Youth Plan on Climate Action. We convene dialogues with youth leaders to discuss strategies, innovative methodologies, and new perspectives on addressing the impacts of the climate crisis.
The branch works with MNL Moves, 350 Pilipinas, and the Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities in promoting sustainable urban mobility through the Mobility Awards—the first platform in the country that gives recognition to acts of leadership by local governments, workplaces, and commercial establishments that encourage cycling, walking, and other sustainable mobility options for their constituencies, customers, employees, and communities.

Campaign Against Single-Use Plastics

The branch works closely with national government agencies and civil society organizations advocating for legislation that will reduce and eventually phase out single-use plastics in the country.