Pathways of Engagement



Klimatotohanan is a webcast designed and produced by Climate Reality Leaders to increase and deepen understanding of climate change and help Climate Reality Leaders challenge themselves to take bolder climate action. It features discussions on climate governance, science, solutions, research, artivism, and other related topics.


Klima Eskwela

Klima Eskwela is a virtual climate school that offers online certificate courses that could help Climate Reality Leaders in their mission to raise awareness on the climate crisis and inspire others to take action.


Klima Pandayan

Klima Pandayan is a virtual workshop series for Climate Reality Leaders to learn new approaches, skills, and tools on how to be an effective climate advocate.


Social Media Campaigns

#LeadOnClimate is a social media campaign that aims to encourage Pinoy Climate Reality Leaders to complete and log their Acts of Leadership (AOL). Every month, we release a list of challenges that Climate Reality Leaders may pursue as their AOL for the month. To inspire action from others, we also put the spotlight on one Pinoy Climate Reality Leader and their recent Act of Leadership.
#ClimArtivism is a monthly feature of literary pieces and artworks created by Pinoy Climate Reality Leaders.
#KwentongKlima is a video feature that showcases the climate stories of Pinoy Climate Reality Leaders and their various initiatives on climate change. This feature also serves as a platform for Climate Reality Leaders to promote their initiatives and collaborations with other climate organizations and leaders while inspiring other individuals to take climate action.
#RealiTalk is a question-and-answer magazine content with a Pinoy Climate Reality Leader. This feature aims to highlight the thoughts, experiences, and initiatives of the featured climate advocate related to the featured international and national observance or celebration.
#CRLens is a photo series content that showcases photos of initiatives of a specific Pinoy Climate Reality Leaders
#Clim8 is a list-type article featuring eight items in relation to a specific theme.