Climate, Arts, and Activism

Through our Climate, Arts, and Activism program, we collaborate with poets, artists, and storytellers in harnessing humanities and the arts to amplify our call for urgent climate action.

We also work with government and non-government organizations in deepening the knowledge and building the capacity of Climate Reality Leaders and other advocates on climate science, campaigning, and project development.



Like how artivism is a portmanteau between the words 'art' and 'activism', ClimArtivism is likewise a combination of 'climate' and 'artivism'. It's a monthly feature which gives a space for our Climate Reality Leaders who are visual, literary, or performance artists to share their inspiring climate-related creations.



Klimatotohanan is the fortnightly webcast of the Climate Reality Project Philippines, showing every other Wednesday, 5-7 pm. This webcast is a venue for dialogue among Pinoy Climate Reality Leaders to increase their knowledge and deepen their understanding of climate change, and help them challenge themselves to take bolder climate action.


Klima Pandayan

Klima Pandayan is a series of workshops designed to equip Climate Reality Leaders and partners with specific skills, approaches, and tools on how to be effective climate advocates.


Stories for a Better Reality

Stories for a Better Reality is a climate webcast series that reframes urgent climate conversations from the vantage point of the Filipino youth, underscoring the intergenerational responsibility and the much higher stakes the youth have in the climate crisis.

Each episode is designed by youth Climate Reality Leaders with the Climate Change Commission in partnership with government agencies, the Department of Education, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, the National Youth Commission, and youth groups Kids for Kids and Wavefarers.


Klima ug Kalikupan

Klima ug Kalikupan (Climate and Environment) is a series of talks and lectures on climate change and environmental issues in Cebu and the Visayas and Mindanao regions. It is organized in partnership with the Cebu Technological University.