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Eleventh Hour: Food Today, Food Tomorrow, Makisawsaw, and climate action

Food Today, Food Tomorrow (FTFT) began as a food relief initiative in the early days of extreme enhanced community quarantine.

In our column Eleventh Hour this week, Pinoy Climate Reality Leader Karla Rey wrote how FTFT grew into a movement that does not only provide food relief but also addresses food insecurity in urban communities through community-based micro food gardens.

She also talked about how plant-based cookbook Makisawsaw Recipes x Ideas: The Community Gardens Edition is supporting FTFT and advocating for community-shared, organic, and in-season agriculture that restores and cares for the environments and helps address the climate crisis in many ways.

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Eleventh Hour: Mainstreaming post-disaster mental health interventions in the Philippines

Surviving climate-related disasters is not just physically draining. It is a mental and emotional labor. With Typhoon Odette leaving unprecedented destruction in our communities, the government must expedite the mainstreaming of psychosocial services into our current disaster risk reduction and management plans.

This was highlighted by Pinoy Climate Reality Leader Ruzzel Morales, one of our Youth Coordinatros, in our Manila Bulletin column Eleventh Hour.

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Eleventh Hour: The Philippines’ carbon emissions are so small, why should we care about the COP?

Climate change conferences are important to us in many ways despite our humble contribution to global carbon emissions, Pinoy Climate Reality Leader Atty. Alexandra Gamboa wrote in our Manila Bulletin column Eleventh Hour.

In this article, Atty. Alex reflected on the outcomes of COP26 and explained why those outcomes should push vulnerable developing countries like the Philippines to intensify their climate advocacies, to be more vigilant, and to continue engaging in future climate negotiations.

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Eleventh Hour: Turning the wheels of the circular economy in the Philippines

In the discussion of the circular economy in the Philippines, where are we headed?

Pinoy Climate Reality Leader Carlo Delantar answers this question in our Manila Bulletin column Eleventh Hour this week.

In this article, Carlo noted that the conversation on the circular economy in the Philippines is growing in momentum, adding that Filipinos have long been observing circular practices despite being unaware of the textbook and definitive label. But there is more to do and much more to achieve in mainstreaming restorative and regenerative practices in our economic system.

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Eleventh Hour: How the earth thinks—Why indigenous knowledge systems play key roles for climate action

Indigenous knowledge systems and practices play key roles for clean air, good health, and a livable climate for today and tomorrow’s generations.
This was highlighted in our Manila Bulletin column Eleventh Hour for this week by Pinoy Climate Reality Leader Danesto Anacio.
An Applai and Ibaloi scientist and educator, Dane wrote about the need to preserve and conserve indigenous lifeways and their associated natural resources.

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